Andreas Weigend
Stanford University
Stat 252 and MS&E 238
Spring 2008

Data Mining and Electronic Business

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1. Official page

The official course description is at http://weigend.com/teaching/stanford/. Any bug reports (broken links, ...) and suggestions for improving weigend.com? Please directly email Andreas directly.
The audio recordings of each class (as mp3) are in http://www.weigend.com/files/teaching/stanford/recordings/

2. Who is in the class?

The class social network is http://stanford2008.crowdvine.com. If you have not yet uploaded your picture and/or not yet filled in your information, please to by April 13 (before the second class).
Our Facebook group ist at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10210364099. Use it to post anything that does not really fit the course wiki.

3. When are the classes?

  1. Apr 7
  2. Apr 14
  3. Apr 21 - Social networks (with Siqi Chen, Serious Business, and Friends for Sale)
  4. Apr 28 - Prediction markets (with Bo Cowgill, google) please read his paper before class)
  5. May 5 - mid-term lecture: Big Things (with Colin Harrison, IBM) andn Big Money (with Warren Spar, Sparring Partners)
  6. May 12 - Recommender Systems (with Toby Segaran, Metaweb)
  7. May 19 - Location data / mobile mining.
  8. Jun 2 (i) Data Risks and Privacy. Online Credibilty and Trust. (ii) Data visualization
  9. Jun 6 (Friday, 12:15 - 3:15)
Note that there is no class on Memorial Day, May 26.

4. Homework

Please submite all your homework as email to: stat252@gmail.com Please use PDF format, with name YOURNAME_HW#.pdf, such as JunLi_HW3.pdf. Please also include homework number in the title of the email.

5. Office hours

Our offices are in Department of Statistics - Sequoia Hall, 390 Serra Mall, Stanford University.Sequoia Hall is located at the South-West corner of the Serra Street- Lomita Mall intersection. The searchable campus map (keyword: Statistics) might be useful.

Andreas Weigend
Room 202 Sequoia Hall,
Office hours: Mon 2:05 - 3:00pm (before class)
Contact info at weigend.com

Jun Li (TA)
Room 229 Sequoia Hall,
Office hours: Mon 2:05 - 3:00pm

Ryan Tibshirani (TA)
Room 242 Sequoia Hall,
Office hours: Thu 2:15 - 3:15pm

Sequoia Hall is located at the South-West corner of the Serra Street- Lomita Mall intersection